Patient experiences

I am writing on behalf of my wife and myself to express are greatest satisfaction and gratitude to you for the treatment that I received. I had a very uneventful postoperative period and I feel it was due to your experience and skill as surgeon. We are extremely impressed and pleased with the way you are your team handled the whole matter.

S.M, London W9 

I suffered only the slightest discomfort in the days that followed and took nothing stronger than paracetamol for a week. The incision has healed very well; thank you for enabling me to get on with a normal life so quickly.

G.I, Skipton.

Just a brief note to thank you and the staff for your friendly and efficient attention during my recent visit for a hernia repair. The arrangements were quick, well managed and effected with minimal inconvience to the patient. Recovery has been uneventful and judging by the rapidity of healing and minimal discomfort a job well done.

M.S, St Anne’s on Sea 

I very much appreciate your professional skill in carrying out the operation together with the kind and reassuring approach of both yourself and all the staff I came into contact with.

A.W, Bedford

I found that there was much less morbidity associated with procedure than when I had a similar operation under GA under the NHS. For most purposes I was back to normal by Wednesday, driving my car by Thursday. I can thoroughly recommend it.

H.S, London NW3

Rest assured I will continue to sing your praises to all and sundry, for the service you provide is quite excellent and deserving the highest praise.

H.M. Potters Bar

Everything has gone so smoothly since I first contacted you that it is difficult to remember all the anxiety and doubts that one had before the operation I have made a full recovery. I have no pain on a day to day basis. I can even go power walking again thank you once again for your skill. 

C.H. Teddington

You led me to expect that the whole process would be simple and straightforward; it entirely lived up to my expectations many thanks again.

P.O. Wallingford 

I telephoned you earlier this month to confirm that I would not need a follow up appointment. Indeed I am one of the fortunate patients who had no postoperative pain, and I did not need to take any of the painkillers, which you provided. Nor did I have any swelling, bruising, bleeding or other adverse affects, only a little numbness which has largely worn off. I am very grateful for your excellent surgery. The operation wound has healed well. I found the notes, which you provided before and after the operation particular helpful and informative.

R.S. London SW19 

I have now had the treatment and recovering very quickly it seems. The treatment was performed under local anaesthetic and I was able to talk to Mr Kurzer during it. I was able to step down from the operating table and walk unassisted to the recovery room. I was then collected by car and driven home. There is no external stitching and no follow up visit is planned. I am due to remove the dressing in a couple of days time there are a few aches and pains but I have not required any of the painkillers that I given. I was able to drive the car without discomfort yesterday only four days after the operation. I have today returned to my part time job in my old company which involves driving and walking up and down stairs etc.

T.J. Halesowen 

I left you on Tuesday afternoon in a mild discomfort and at no time worthy of the name pain. The benefit of having the hernia repaired was immediately apparent it meant I could cough without pain for the first time in ages. This morning I am going to Ikea to buy a large bookcase to assemble and install for my mother in law. Normal service is resumed! 

G.S, Whadton, Bucks

I must compliment you and your team on your total professionalism. Due to my healthcare experience I can be more critical than others, but I could not fault my treatment in anyway at all. From check in to check out and a friendly post op follow up phone call, it was spot on. The operation itself was extremely smooth I had a local anaesthetic. I walked from the operating theatre to the recovery area as promised and this surprised me. I was able to work after three days and was driving soon after. As a diabetic I thought I would have some complications with wound healing by I did not. I cannot fault you or your service.

D.B, London W1 

I greatly appreciated the most helpful and courteous manner in which I was received.

J.G.F. Edinburgh

It is now 18 months since my Hernia Operation and the repair is still as strong as ever. I am so glad I came to you for my tension free repair and will always remain grateful to you for your expertise and dedication.
I would just like to thank you and hope that you long continue to treat this condition and teach others to use similar methods.


“I am writing to tell you how delighted I am with the operation you carried out on my hernia. It has been a total success and I was walking my dogs in the woods the following day. Three weeks later, to the day. I restarted playing squash with no adverse reactions”.

(M W- East Sussex) 

“This morning exactly a week after surgery I removed the surgical dressing. This seems to me to be the final step in my hernia operation, so I thought I would write you a quick note to say how impressed I was with everything about the procedure and how pleased I am with the result”.

(B O’D-Wiltshire)

“I am surprised at how simple the expert staff made the procedure seem. I was amazed to be at home having lunch at 12 noon. Having arrive at the centre at 9AM, and having been treated by just after 10AM”.

(E C-Herts)

“It is a fact that I am very impressed at the way my hernias were repaired at your centre, your professionalism is of the highest order”.

(J A-Nigeria)

“I must apologise for the delay in writing to thank you for the excellent service I received at the hands of you and your team. It is five weeks today since my operation and I can tell you I have not looked back since then. Despite my hectic schedule I have had no problems as a result of your surgery in fact the reverse is true”.

(P B-Lincoln)

“I first heard about the British Hernia Centre from my GP who said that his patients who had gone this route were very satisfied. I will most certainly tell my GP that for anyone needing a hernia repair I would unreservedly recommend that they have it done at The British Hernia Centre. This is reinforced by some acquaintances who tell me they have had a hernia repair done in hospital elsewhere and have suffered considerable discomfort for many weeks after”.

(A H-London)