• Recurrence – the hernia comes back – annoying (to say the least)
  • Discomfort / pain – long term
  • Problems with sexual activity
  • Problems with fertility 

I have dealt with these on the Problems page, but I did want to say a bit more about long-term post-operative pain.  I don’t mean pain immediately after the operation but pain or discomfort still present more than 3 or 6 months after the operation.  This is currently a big issue in the hernia world, and unfortunately there is a lot of disinformation about it.  If it wasn’t for the rare possibility of discomfort, mesh inguinal hernia repair would almost be the perfect operation.

LONG TERM PAIN IS RARE – around 2-3% and it is the rare case of severe pain- that really interferes with day to day activity, that is a concern.  People have been scared by reports of a 20% likelihood of severe pain. That is simply not true.  I would not be doing this operation any more if that was the case. 

So why does it occur, what is the cause, is it predicatble, how can you treat it, and will it get better eventually?