Hernia news

There are two important hernia meetings in the UK and a very large meeting in the USA this year 

In the UK

The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI) will be incorporating two hernia sessions in its programme.

More importantly, the British Hernia Society will be holding its Biennial Meeting in Manchester http://www.britishherniasociety.org/archives/335

The two topics are fairly specialized -  repairing or dealing with the abdominal wound that has come open (!) during the recovery from major surgery - the ‘Open Abdomen’.  The second part of the meeting will deal with the Sportsman’s Hernia, an increasingly common problem. 

In the USA

The American Hernia Society meeting is going to focus on post-operative pain.http://americanherniasociety.org/pdf/2012_Hernia_Congress_4.pdf


We will keep you posted but further details can also be obtained by using the following links.

http://www.britishherniasociety.org/meetings and http://americanherniasociety.org